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Single Origin coffee, shipped fresh

All the coffee we roast is organic, the farmers are taken care of financially for their labors, and each roast is managed with care and precision. We put quality first and provide ethical, organic, and delicious coffee.

Want to be ethically responsible?

  • Buy (truly) Fair Trade

    We partner with a non-profit organization that works directly with Haitian farmers and ensures they are fairly compensated for their labor- $4 or more per pound. This is over three times what is typical of Fair Trade certified compensation. Numerous studies have revealed that many times, the extra money going to coffee farmers that are certified as Fair Trade never actually makes it to them! The pay goes to a coop they are part of, and somehow doesn't trickle down. 

  • Buy organic and non-GMO

    Our coffee is 100% organically grown and GMO free. No pesticides. No chemical fertilizers. Just pure coffee.

  • Support small businesses

    Our roastery is based out of Las Vegas, Nevada. Despite the nickname "Sin City," there is still a large Christian population there. The clergy family that runs the business established themselves there to help support an Orthodox Christian church community.

Organic coffee


Income trees planted
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Organic coffee


Support us!

We partner with a non-profit that works closely with Haitian farmers

Organic coffee
Organic coffee


Put into Haitian farmers pockets
A minimum of
Organic coffee


Per pound of our Haitian coffee goes to Haitian farmers


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Golden Mouth coffee is air-roasted in small batches and shipped freshly roasted to you. The bag's one-way valve keeps your coffee as fresh as possible.

By ordering Haitian coffee from us, you also help Haiti’s small producers, help to reforest Haiti, and build its rural economies. Our Haitian coffee is organic and fair trade.

The art of good coffee

Organic coffee

Grind it right

It is impossible to extract coffee for the ideal time if you have both large particles and small particles together. If you extract your fine particles for the right amount of time, this is not enough time for the large particles and you will have added sourness to the cup. If you extract long enough for your large particles, you will get severe bitterness from the fine particles. It may be best to order your coffee perfectly ground by us if you don't have a good grinder. We recommend not bothering to grind your own if you only have a blade grinder.

Organic coffee

Water quality

It must be kept in mind that a cup of coffee is composed primarily of water. Want really good coffee? Use really good water. Water from a private well is a good start, but if you don't have that, perhaps you can install an additional water filtration system at your tap. Use as highly filtered water as possible. Your typical municipal water will not be highly filtered and often has a lot of taste, however private wells can as well. Your coffee will definitely be affected by these flavors, and most likely you will enjoy your coffee less.

Organic coffee

Keep it fresh

Don’t leave your bag open any longer than it must be. Exposure to oxygen, light, and moisture are what causes coffee to go bad. Squeeze out all the air as you re-close your bag. We recommend you purchase your size bag of coffee based on how much you go through in about a week. The idea is that once you break the seal of the bag, your coffee goes bad at a fast rate. Also it is ideal if the coffee is open and used within a month of its roast date. Longer can be alright, but quality will suffer.

Organic coffee

Brew it right

A good cup of coffee happens when your coffee extracts into your water for the ideal time. The ideal time depends on your brew method: french press, drip machine, pour over, etc. These methods all work differently and require a different particle size (or grind) for the extraction to occur at the proper rate. If coffee extracts for too long, you will taste undesirable bitterness. If too short, there will be a sour taste. Make sure you find out the ideal grind and steps for your method.

Saint John Chrysostom

"Not to share our own wealth with the poor is theft from the poor and deprivation of their means of life; we do not possess our own wealth, but theirs."

Saint John Chrysostom

"When you are weary of praying, and do not receive, consider how often you have heard a poor man calling, and have not listened to him."

Saint John Chrysostom

"We must not mind insulting men, if by respecting them we offend God."

Saint John Chrysostom

"It is better to err by excess of mercy than by excess of severity. . . Wilt thou become a Saint? Be severe to thyself but kind to others."

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