Our story

Our family believes in the importance of taking responsibility for our wellbeing as well as caring about others. This led us to find a source for wholesome and chemical free coffee that pays the farmers fair wages. 

We started Golden Mouth Roastery to share the blessing of delicious, fresh, and affordable coffee with others. When you source your coffee from us, you are not simply supporting a business, but a movement for better and sustainable living.

All our coffee comes from the island-nation of Haiti located in the Caribbean Sea. Haiti is the poorest country at least in the western hemisphere. We purchase our green coffee from a non-profit that works closely with the farmers and whose goal is to give them a good living by paying them more for their coffee. Our farmers are paid a minimum of $3.30/ pound, then another 50 cents after the crop sells. That’s 3-4 times more than typical fair trade workers!

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