To keep your coffee fresh, don’t leave your bag open any longer than it must be.

Pre-ground coffee goes stale much faster than whole bean when exposed to oxygen. So you want your coffee exposed to the air as little as possible! 

This means open it to take out what you need and close it right back up and seal it, squeezing the air out as much as possible at the same time.

If you ordered whole bean, but have a blade grinder or otherwise cheap grinder, it may be more worthwhile ordering your coffee ground by us. The reason is that how well your grinder does it’s job has a huge effect on the taste of your coffee. Coffee tastes its best when it is allowed to extract in water for the ideal amount of time. The ideal time for extraction depends on your brew method and coffee particle size. If you have a wide range of particle size ie: course bits and very fine bits all together, once you have extracted the fine bits, the course bits will not be finished and will lend a bad flavor. If you extract long enough to get the ideal flavor from the course bits, you will have extracted way too long for the fine bits. So it is impossible to have a great tasting coffee this way!

Blade grinders are the worst grinders for making consistent size particles. The best is a burr grinder, but there is a big range for quality there as well.

We have an excellent quality burr grinder that grinds very consistently sized particles.

It is true that your coffee will go stale faster if it is ground, but as long as you don’t have a bag that takes you too much more than a week to go through, you should have pretty fresh tasting coffee until it has been used up. 

As long as the bag is sealed, it will stay fresh for weeks. So it is alright to order more than a week’s worth at a time. Just don’t open more than one at a time.

Do not store your coffee in anything that doesn’t have a one-way valve. The bag your coffee is in has this kind of valve. It allows the Carbon Dioxide to escape as it is given off, but does not allow oxygen to enter.

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