Greek Coffee

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4 oz bag of Greek style coffee for maximum freshness.

Ultra-fine grind.

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Greek coffee is traditionally made in a small pot called a briki. The coffee is called Greek as well as Turkish sometimes, but what makes it different is in the ultra-fine grind. This coffee is from Haiti’s Blue Pine Forest region. Commoner brands package their Greek coffee in tins or bags that have no valve. This means the coffee must sit after being ground until it goes stale so that when the coffee goes in the package, the package won’t burst. Coffee gives off carbon dioxide when it is fresh and when you put your coffee in a bag or tin without a valve too soon after roasting, the container’s seal will pop from the off-gassing. But if you let it sit long enough to avoid this, it is already stale. This is why a one-way valve is needed. Our bags have a one-way valve that allows the carbon dioxide to escape from the bag, but does not allow oxygen to enter. Exposure to oxygen is what makes coffee go stale.

Enjoy some of the freshest Greek coffee available. We only package Greek coffee in small bags so it stays fresh. The more finely coffee is ground, the faster it goes stale especially when exposed to the air. Seal the bag right away after each use and keep the coffee fresh!

Coffee plantation elevation: 2820’

Surrounding Vegetation: banana, plantain, grapefruit, almond & citrus trees
Varietal = 100% Arabica typica – washed

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  1. Fr. Dimitri Kulp

    I love Greek style coffee and this is definitely the best I’ve had. Definitely need a briki if you’re going to try it though!

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