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From the Huehuetenango farms that sit at 5000-6500′ above sea level.

When coffee cherries grow at high altitudes, they tend to mature more slowly. This allows the fruit to take in more nutrients, resulting in denser, sweeter green coffee beans that are considered higher quality.

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With its rich volcanic soil, mountainous terrain, and varied micro-climates, Guatemala is a perfect country for coffee cultivation.

Our roast level: Full-city (medium dark)

Elevation: 5000-6500′

Tasting notes: Chocolate, Almond, Cane Sugar, Green Apple
Varietal = 100% Arabica typica – washed

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Whole Bean, Cold brew, French Press/ Percolator, Drip (typical coffee maker)/ Pour over


4 oz, 8 oz, 8 oz (pack of two)

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