Mare Blanche

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Our only honey processed coffee. Lightly roasted to reveal milk chocolate, dry grapefruit, and raisins.

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This coffee is grown in the region of Mare Blanche and is processed differently than most coffee by a method called honey processing. Some of the pulp is left on the bean and then it is fermented for an extended period. Not only does this save water for a country who badly needs it, but also honey processed coffees offer sweeter profiles and fuller bodies. No honey is actually involved in the process. It is called “honey processed” because the drying coffee beans with the pulp left on get sticky like honey.

Roasted on the lighter side, this coffee reveals intense sweet milk chocolate, dry grapefruit, and raisins.

Our roast level: American (light)

Elevation: 3770’

Surrounding Vegetation: banana, plantain, grapefruit, almond & citrus trees
Varietal = 100% Arabica typica – Honey processed

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Whole Bean, Cold brew, French Press/ Percolator, Drip/ Pour over/ aeropress, Espresso


6 oz, 12 oz, 32 oz, 5 lb

1 review for Mare Blanche

  1. Fr. Dimitri Kulp (verified owner)

    This is definitely a must-try. The chocolate is no joke here! Sometimes people have a hard time tasting the fine notes in a cup, but this one is really hard to miss. So if you like chocolate, you will probably like this!

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