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Ways to share Golden Mouth coffee

  • At Church

    We are happy to provide wholesale coffee to churches. Your parishioners will enjoy wholesome, chemical-free coffee when you purchase large bags for coffee hour, and your parish bookstore or gift shop will benefit from selling our smaller bags, which are hot sellers!

  • Bake Sales and Farmers Markets

    We're excited to work with individuals who would like to have a stand selling our coffee. Your table is never too small to work out a deal with us.

  • Coffee Shops and Diners

    Coffee shops often hide low-quality coffee in specialty drinks. Don't you want to be known for incredible espresso? Extracting a shot of fresh Golden Mouth coffee produces an amazing creme!

    Flavorful coffee is even more of a bonus for diners, where drinkers take it black or doctor it with cream and sugar. When Golden Mouth coffee is on the menu, you'll never hear the phrase "typical diner coffee" again.

  • Business Lobbies and Break Rooms

    Your employees will love you for providing high quality and flavorful coffee and you'll also be showing that you care about the little things, like where your coffee is sourced.

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Want great coffee?

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On the way!

We offer premium coffee for events and big discounts when our roastery is mentioned in prominent places. Your coffee will be good and you'll be making an ethical statement!

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